Private Credit

The private credit strategy is driven by direct hard money lending to commercial real estate borrowers and real estate professionals in the Massachusetts, Boston, Cape Cod, Nantucket, & top tier property markets in each county in Massachusetts.

We offer short term private hard money loans on single family fix and flip renovations, multifamily buy and hold, commercial property purchase, land acquisitions, strip center recapitalizations, self-storage, mezzanine and bridge financing.

Our private credit strategy is based on hard money borrowing in the first position.

Hard Money Lender in Massachusetts

Are you looking for a direct hard money lender for your next real estate acquisition? Do you need to apply for a hard money loan for your upcoming real estate or business project? Consider DeNovus Capital. We are a private lender offering fast, flexible and customized real estate loans for first and second mortgages in Massachusetts and nearby areas.

The coordination among the client, attorney, seller, and lender is an important aspect of every transaction but is often neglected. For this reason, you need a private lender that understands your objectives not just with one acquisition, but the objectives of your overall portfolio. Private money lenders like DeNovus Capital should be a valuable resource for your short-term collateral pledged real estate as a security interest.


Residential and commercial property investors as well as non-owner-occupied borrowers can apply for the following loans:

Commercial Property

First Mortgage



Renovation Loan

Get the Funding You Need for Your Real Estate Project

All communication is kept confidential and a non disclosure agreement will be executed.