A Global Secondary Capital Market Credit Acquisition Firm

DeNovus Capital is a global secondary market credit acquisition firm focused on first position security. We seek to build meaningful relationships while sourcing qualified opportunities in various asset types, along with specialty opportunities in the dynamic global marketplace.

At DeNovus, we believe in making a positive impact in the communities we invest along with the bottom line. It is part of our corporate responsibility to ensure that we are environmentally and socially responsible with each value-oriented transaction. We want to leave the world a better place than it was when we arrived.

Acquisitions may include a loan level basis or portfolio, with an awareness of intrinsic value within each underwriting. Risk averse restructurings, work outs, asset sales, and DIP Financing are also an area for opportunistic stabilization investing.


Capital Market Real Estate Loan Sale Aquisitions, Non-perfomring Loan Buyer, Private Money Lending Massachusetts.


Class A Office



Work Force & Affordable Housing


1-4 Family Large Concentrated Residential

Mobile Home Parks

Specialty Purpose


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Special Situations

Work Outs

Restructuring Debt & Recapitalizations

Distressed & Post-Reorganization Acquirer

Tax Lien Acquisitions

Distressed Real Estate & REO Acquisitions

Special Servicer Sales

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We provide various direct loans to real estate professionals for their residential real estate opportunities.

Acquisitions & Purchase

Buy & Hold


All communication is kept confidential and a non disclosure agreement will be executed.