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DeNovus Capital’s core strategies of extending private credit, distressed credit purchases directly from banks, and acquisitions through restructuring & recapitalization networking are the core foci of future growth.

The cultural foundation at DeNovus is an industry leading synergy of distressed debt combined with active real estate management.

We look for consistent relationships that provide value for the acquisition of distressed bank debt, through portfolio loan sales, direct note purchases on a loan level or special offering basis, asset sales, and real estate spin-off opportunities as a result of the restructuring process.

 Our confidential private credit strategy offers hard money financing to real estate professionals for their acquisition, renovation, or refinancing transactions.  We offer competitive, reliable, and customized hard money loans, where the terms are based on the loan to value and quality of the real estate collateral.



Capital Market Real Estate Loan Sale Aquisitions, Non-perfomring Loan Buyer, Private Money Lending Massachusetts.

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Hard Money Lender Massachusetts

We provide various direct loans to real estate professionals for their residential real estate opportunities.

Acquisitions & Purchase

Fix & Flip Renovations

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  • Special Situations
  • Work Outs
  • Restructuring Debt & Recapitalizations
  • Debtor in Possession Massachusetts
      • Distressed Financing
      • Rescue Financing
      • Creditor Advisory Acquisition Opportunities
  • Distressed & Post-Reorganization Acquirer
  • Tax Lien Acquisitions
  • Distressed Real Estate & REO Acquisitions
      • Special Servicer Sales
      • Asset Level Real Estate Sale
  • Mortgage Note Acquisitions
  • Senior Loans & Secured Debt Buyer
  • Real Estate Debt
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