Providing an Array of Loan Programs to Meet Your Needs

At DeNovus Capital, we aim to help as many businesses and individuals as possible in achieving their investment goals. We leverage our experience in private and hard money lending to serve clients in Massachusetts and nearby areas. Since our process is different from that of traditional banks, please note that owner-occupied borrowers are not qualified to apply for our loan programs.

Acquisition and Purchase

Are you looking to invest in real estate, but don’t have enough capital to do so? Do you need to develop a property, but your finances don’t look quite stable enough to allow you to continue with your plan? Rely on us. We offer acquisition loans at fair rates and with fast closing.

Fix and Flip

Being in the real estate investment industry can provide you with a reliable source of income and an opportunity for a new career. Technical expertise about this business is highly important in order to find success in this field. However, aside from knowledge and training, one of the greatest challenges of venturing into the business of house flipping is obtaining capital. If you’re looking for a private investor or hard money lender where you can apply for a loan to fund your business, turn to DeNovus Capital.


Renovate and Rent

A renovate-to-rent loan and a fix-and-flip loan differ from one another in terms of the investor’s exit strategy. In a renovate-to-rent loan program, the investor can retain the property as part of a rental portfolio. This will give you an avenue to transition from a short-term money loan to a long-term mortgage, allowing you to keep your property as long as you want.

New Construction

Building your own house can be an exciting and wonderful experience. However, it can also be an expensive endeavor. This is why at DeNovus Capital, we offer new construction loans to help aspiring real estate developers, builders, contractors, and flippers fulfill their real estate investment goals.

Debt and Note

A note is a legally binding agreement between the buyer and the seller, which indicates a promise to repay a loan with specific terms. When you purchase a real estate note at DeNovus Capital, you can be confident that all the conditions placed in writing are created with your best interests in mind.


Whether you’re currently facing a financial crisis or you’re planning to grow your business, applying for a short-term loan can help you overcome a cash shortage This program is also a great alternative to traditional banking financing, as private and hard money lenders focus on approving loans with a fast closing time.

Cash Out Refinancing

Cash out refinancing is a way to borrow funding against the value of your home to secure additional capital. This extra source of funds can be used for renovation projects, consolidating debt, or other investment opportunities.


Mezzanine and Bridge Financing

If you’re in need of short-term financing to fund a real estate investment project, applying for a mezzanine or bridge loan might be a great option for you. For instance, imagine you’re planning to sell your old building so you can have enough capital to buy a new property. However, you’re not yet able to find a buyer for your building and the time has come to close on your newly purchased property. This is where a bridge loan can be helpful.

A mezzanine loan can be considered as a type of bridge loan. However, unlike a bridge loan, a mezzanine loan is not secured by a property but by an ownership interest in the company that owns the property.

Get the Funding You Need for Your Real Estate Project

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