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Are you looking for a direct private money or hard money lender for your next real estate acquisition or commercial real estate project? Rely on DeNovus Capital. Our loan programs can be helpful in funding various business projects. Since our inception, we have helped many clients in turning their real estate dreams into reality, with projects such as:






Real Estate Entrepreneurs

Real Estate Investors

Close Your Private Money Loan in 14 Days or Less. Low Rates. Flexible Terms Customized to Your Deal.

LTV 55% and Under 8% to 11% 0 to 2 Points
LTV 55% to 65% 9% to 12% 1 to 3 Points
LTV65% to 75% 10% to 13.5% 2 to 4 Points

Hard Money Loans for Your Property Type





Multifamily Apartment Buildings

Condominium Buildings

Mixed-Use Buildings

Parking Lots

Self-Storage Facilities


Industrial Properties

Commercial Strip Centers

Raw Land

Seasonal Cottages

Small Subdivisions and Developments


Short-Term Private Money

Fix and Flip Investors
Are you interested in undertaking multiple projects at once? Opportunities often show up at unexpected times; you need to be ready to fix and flip when the deal presents itself. We have the capability to be the lending partner to assist you in the purchase of your next acquisition. We’ll help you close your real estate deal reliably and fast to lock in your profits!

A fix and flip exit strategy is important. We are happy to listen to how your construction budget is allocated and what your vision for the property is. Once the construction starts, we can discuss the disbursement process. Our interest rate and terms are market competitive, but we set our company apart from other private lenders by staying within our deal size, and not participating in arbitrage lending. We never sell the loans once they are originated, and we focus on the market fundamentals, working with the borrower or investor to put both of us in a position to succeed.

Get a Fast Consultation on Your Deal

Do you want to see if you can meet our private lending criteria? Consult with us today. We can vet the quality of your real estate opportunity in a ten-minute conversation as soon as you provide the property address, purchase price, type of private loan you’re interested in, construction or rehab budget amount for disbursement, anticipated future listing price, and your exit strategy, whether that be selling or refinancing.

Confidentially Close your Acquisition

We typically provide a non-disclosure agreement to protect the buyers’ interests and your real estate investment. While you’re under contract to purchase, or even at the purchase and sale agreement stage, we understand the need for a fast close to protect your opportunity.

Service Areas

We serve clients in Massachusetts, with a focus on the following areas:

Cape Cod

Martha’s Vineyard


South Shore

*All communication is kept confidential and a non disclosure agreement will be executed.