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Loan Sale Acquisition Types and Debt Sales

Mortgage loan sales have become an essential portfolio management tool especially for high volume origination banks across the United States and the developed world. The secondary debt market enables sellers to proactively and efficiently manage their portfolio to achieve desired allocations based on performance, product type, and geography.

Defaulted loan sales, sub-performing loan sales, acquisitions of vacant or occupied single, multifamily, and commercial assets are viewed as income potential as restructuring is an option in reperformance. Some possible loan sale acquisitions are:

Affordable multifamily assets

Conventional loan purchases

Country wide loan pools

Health care assets

Regional loan sale pools

Reverse mortgage vacant loan sales

State-by-state loan level pools

We consider a bottom-up strategy for each underwriting aspect of the process, especially the exit strategy. Leveraging our strong local market understanding and direct experience with evaluating each asset individually, we can move to provide value at any stage of an assets life cycle.

The primary investment strategy for future growth in loan sales is to acquire assets at a discount relative to fair market value while considering the fundamental belief of risk control and downside protection. There is an emphasis on acquiring debt and equity co-investments in commercial real estate, commercial nonperforming loans, commercial loan pools, residential loan pools, judgments, receivables, residential real estate direct investments, and workout scenarios where margin of safety and liquidity concerns are balanced. We are also actively interested in long-term holdings of commercial properties, acquired with certain IRR threshold parameters. 

At DeNovus Capital, we are looking to provide a fair market return for our company to grow, along with a focus and passion for a balance of community involvement improvement in the cities and towns where we live. Our nonprofit mission areas of interest are underserved aspects of mental illness, childhood cancer, financial education for low income youth, and assisting in youth sport teams to obtain new basketball shoes as well as Wi-Fi for the underserved.

Whole Loan Sale & Loan Portfolio Acquisitions

Non-Performing Loans & Sub Performing commercial, mixed-use, residential, hard money, construction, SBA 7A, SBA No-Guarantees, Bridge Loans, Industrial, mobile home park loans, manufacturing housing loans, equipment financing, automotive loans, charge-off portfolios, precious metals loans, & diamond asset loans.

Loan Sale Direct Purchase Advantage

We work directly with loss mitigation departments, CFO’s, credit trading desks, brokers, bank board of directors, and co-investments of nonprofits to create the liquidity they are looking for in order to allocate capital based on their discretion and market fundamental shifts to improve balance sheets. Mortgage loan sales have become an essential portfolio management tool for lenders. The secondary debt markets enable loan sellers to proactively and efficiently manage their portfolio to achieve desired allocations based on performance, product type, and geography.

Loan Sale Pricing

Deposits have a tax advantage for banks, as the interest is deductible. However, the additional cost of reserve requirements is a common balance. Balancing by the purchase of loan sales assists in balancing the debt to equity ratio at a bank. Even small balance loan sales are of interest.

Loan sale will remove the loan from the banks’ balance sheet and can be calculated using the Penacchi formula. We utilize our geographic considerations to provide loan sale pricing information to meet your capital raising requirements. Loan sale purchases are based on many pricing factors that take careful consideration. Technology is changing, and legal and institutional factors, bank size, capitulation, as well as funding strategy are determinants in loan sales. The credit market environment is a staple consideration in loan sale pricing. Unpaid principal balance (UPB) or Broker Price Opinion (BPO) pricing structure is available per seller’s request.

Structure, Position, and Performance Stage

We provide individual asset level pricing and portfolio/tape pricing at nonperforming, performing, and sub-performing stages of the subject collateral file. Typical loan sale purchases can be closed in 60 days or less provided the proper collateral file, payment history, and due diligence required. Allonge, assignments of mortgage, collateral file, original mortgage, original note, and credit report history are just some considerations in the underlying loan sale price.


Loan Sale Asset Acquisition Types of Nonperforming and Defaulted Loans






Equipment and Machinery

First Position Liens

Second Position Liens

Junior Liens

Pricing on assets are available via unpaid principal balance structure or broker price opinion pricing structure or the loan seller’s preference. Foreign and domestic mortgage debt are considered based on currency exchange and legal system parameters, along with several other mitigating factors.

Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (CMBS):

Commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) are a type of mortgage-backed security that is secured by mortgages on commercial properties, instead of residential real estate. A CMBS can provide liquidity to real estate investors and commercial lenders.

Mortgage-Backed Security (MBS):

This is a type of asset-backed security that is secured by a mortgage or collection of mortgages. The mortgages are sold to a group of individuals (a government agency or investment bank) that securitizes, or packages, the loans together into a security that investors can buy.

Asset-Backed Securities (ABS):

These are bonds or notes backed by financial assets. Typically, these assets consist of receivables other than mortgage loans, such as credit card receivables, auto loans, and manufactured-housing contracts.

What Is a Nonperforming, Performing, and Sub-Performing Loan Sale?

A loan sale is a sale, often by a bank, under contract of all or part of the cash stream from a specific loan, thereby removing the loan from the bank's balance sheet. The loans sales of interest are of any performance status from nonperforming, performing, or sub-performing.

Mortgage or Deed of Trust:

This details the conditions on what the mortgage money was loaned for. Location of the subject property and the lender has the authority on the collateral. Loan sale due diligence commence with present value, interest rate, term, equity balance, payment history, credit history, asset type, and many more considerations are analyzed before assets are acquired. 

Acquisitions of Liens Other Than Defaulted Mortgage Debt

Municipal lien certificates, tax certificates, as well as sewer and water liens are acquisitions sold by cities or towns that would be considered for acquisitions. Town budgets can allocate the funds towards their annual budget based on their operating expenses and future financial obligations quarter to quarter.

Acquiring Residential and Commercial Mortgages and Trust Deeds From Sellers

Are you a real estate agent, broker, or attorney selling mortgages out of escrow? Do you know owners or sellers taking back paper financing in real estate transactions? We can help. Contact us to learn more.

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