Proof of Funds for a Real Estate Loan Application

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Proof of Funds - we’re able to provide proof of funds pending an executed purchase and sale agreement or a signed offer to purchase along with a two-hundred and fifty-dollar deposit credited at the closing of the transaction.

We offer fast consultations on potential transactions to determine if they meet our private lending criteria. We can vet the quality of your real estate opportunity in a ten-minute conversation as soon as you provide the property address, purchase price, type of private loan you’re interested in, construction or rehab budget amount for disbursement, anticipated future listing price, and your exit strategy, whether that be selling or refinancing.
Confidentially close your acquisition - we typically provide a non-disclosure agreement to protect the buyer’s interests and your real estate investment. While you’re under contract to purchase, or even at the purchase and sale agreement stage, we understand the need for a fast close to protect your equity at purchase opportunity.

Real estate brokers, facilitators, and agents are protected.

Call us directly for a confidential Application and deal summary. Close fast. Fair terms. Flexible. Get your next real estate project funded and closed.

Get the Funding You Need for Your Real Estate Project

All communication is kept confidential and a non disclosure agreement will be executed.