What Sets Us Apart From Other Private Money Lenders

Our Philosophy

We come from a background of blue collar hard work, and have built our experience from the ground up by starting from scratch in the real estate industry. It all started with a passion for finance, economics, equities, fixed-income, real estate, and precious metals combined into one. We are a value based direct private/ hard money real estate lender that focuses on the underlying collaterals secured and potential value along with private co-equity options.

Most real estate investors and professionals have experienced the managerial and banking-related logistical difficulties that often arise in this field. Additional concern comes from the unscrupulous contractors, dishonest lenders, and the headaches of dealing with traditional banks that many seasoned real estate veterans have experienced. Direct lending on conservative loan to value properties with non-owner-occupied borrowers is a method that makes sense for the real estate investor. Our goal is that you as our customer would come back and work with us again, so that we can continue to work towards success together, and execute your exit strategies smoothly.

Underwriting- 12 Hours or Less. Schedule a Site Visit for Appraiser.

a. If your real estate transactions meet our LTV criteria for a Private Loan, the loan would generally fall into three categories of LTV and the terms are based on the quality of your transaction, not your credit and job history.

The simple steps below outline how your application and approval would work:
i. Complete Private Loan Application
ii. Provide Purchase and Sale Agreement and Escrow.
iii. Scope of Work and Renovation Disbursement Schedule.

All Private Loans are issued to business entities, not individuals. Investment Affidavit Required.
We are also able to do a same day site visit for higher quality transactions with low LTV. We gauge the buyer’s experience, balance sheet strength, contractor-team, broker/ agent team, and discuss the general philosophy of the investor. Not everyone is a good fit. The quality of your real estate transaction will dictate the terms you receive regardless of experience, with the exception being new construction.

Fast Closing Settlement on Your Real Estate Opportunity

We are actively seeking quality transactions with lower LTVs at acquisition, not speculative high leverage real estate transactions. We are a conservative private lender with a strong core philosophy and reliable team focused on evaluating the real estate fundamentals in your sub-market on a daily basis. We strive for repeat transactions to create a portfolio lending strategy, not arbitrage lending, which would mean selling the loan after the closing. Completing successful real estate lending deals using honest, clear methods is a process we genuinely enjoy.

The following are some checklist items to consider and be prepared for: the buyer’s real estate agent/ broker and attorney availability, the seller’s attorney/ agent/ broker are given a copy of the contract to purchase, the purchase and sale agreement, escrow agent availability, scheduling final water and sewer reading, mortgage, note, security agreement, investment affidavit, assignment of rents, insurance documentation, mortgage, title, municipal liens, sewer, flood insurance if applicable, additional insured endorsement, HUD Se

Construction Disbursement Schedule

Construction disbursement timing is often overlooked, but in our opinion, it is a very important stage. Having enough cash reserves and experience in getting a project finished correctly is crucial in a successful redevelopment or new construction, along with strong construction and site management. The idea is to be ahead on work, and be prepared for what is coming next in the project plan. Payment follows as work is finished in stages. These stages may follow this pattern: obtaining the property/ land, rough building, electrical, plumbing, frame, sprinkler inspection, as-built approval, order of conditions, fire department inspection, and lastly, the final occupancy permit.

We come to inspect the progress of work as each request for the disbursement of funds is received. There is a charge for each request for a site visit inspection, so we would advise you to be sure that the work is completed upon the inspector’s arrival. If the work is completed, the funds can be released relatively quickly upon request.

Having a construction budget and working together with your private lender in the disbursement of the construction funds is crucial to the success of the real estate project. This helps ensure that the value of the collateral for the borrower and the lender are kept in good standing. Disbursement occurs by a simple system of payment given to the appropriate parties for work accomplished.

Payoff-Onto the Next Real Estate Opportunity

Payoff is organized and streamlined. We work with you to obtain a timely payoff so you can focus on wrapping up your flip and finding your next deal.

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