Capital Market Distressed Debt Buyer serving

Real estate market fluctuations, overleverage, interest rate risk, poor allocation of capital, economic weakness, and the erosion or built up market presence of irrationally exuberant credit extension allow the volume of distressed debt to effect deal flow.

Real Estate Debt

Real estate debt can include commercial loan pools, individual commercial loan level, residential real estate debt that is purchased for income not control, first position mortgage, second mortgages, third mortgages, and mezzanine mortgages.

Asset & Lien Acquisitions

Control scenarios, judgments, and tax liens sales are acquisition possibilities. As a direct acquirer; we collaborate with banks, institutions, hedge funds, private equity, & municipalities to ensure more liquidity and a seamless closing.

Senior Loans & Secured Debt

Asset backed senior loans and secured debt, second lien position debt, property backed senior loans, equipment, inventory, and intellectual property. The underlying collateral on the senior loan capital structure is the primary concern.

Private Debt such as the hard money and private money loans with a track record of strong management execution.

Confidential Loan Sale Contact

*All communication is kept confidential and a non disclosure agreement will be executed.